A Passion Unleashed

A Passion Unleashed

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I could not sleep last night. I tost and turned, before I knew it my mom came into my room to wake me up. Horses and other strange animals had turned my stomach into a circus. It was my first day as a grade 9 learner. was so nervous that I couldn’t eat my breakfast. I am so overwhelmed by the thought of my new teachers. Would they like me/ Are they stricked? All these questions and more filtered through my head.

I shuffled into a seemingly large computer room and quietly sat down as far away from the board as possible.” Do you know who our English teacher is?” A student asked me . Before I could answer” Hello Miss. What is your name?” Came a question from behind me.I froze. I had not heard him come in.” I….I’m Amanda” I mumbled. ” I’m sorry I caught you off guard Amanda. Welcome to my world Amanda… welcome” I was about to ask his name when I heard him singing on his way to the front of the room. When he turned around and smiled at the ‘nerd’ of the class. The student had a look of ease, like him and this teacher had met before.” Agh, maybe he is one of the sport teachers or the schools technicians. I mean look at him, he is black , he can’t be our teacher.” whispered one of the popular people, Jenna. ” Morning everyone.” He started.”I am Michael Michaels.” He said whilst he turned to write on the white board.” My friends call me Mich and you may call me that once we have become friends.” He said emphasizing only with a dramatic 

pause and a raised index finger.I sat up straight as my anxiety disappeared like the sun disappearing into the night. It all happened so quickly but it was the most amazing feeling ever. For the rest of the lesson we spoke about ourselves and I learnt that Mr.Michaels has a passion for english as well as he has several different degrees. After the lesson I went up to the nerd,” Sorry, you don’t know me I’m Amanda. I couldn’t help but notice that conversation you had with Mr.Michaels before the lesson, do you know him?” The nerd looked at me as if, are you really talking to me?” Hi my name is Justin. I have known Mr.Michaels for as long as you have.” I paused then asked,”Then what did he say to you?” ” Hello, he said hello.”

I went home and thought to myself:Can a black man honestly teach me English. Teach me his second language? I flashed back to his lesson. He was dressed in a smart shirt with black pants. He spoke english like I have never heard anyone speak english like this before. It was there and then that I knew Mr.Michaels was an astonishing, Knowledgeable, selfless man and that he might just be the best English teacher I have ever and will ever have. When me and my family sat down at the supper table, I told my parents that Mr.Michael Michaels is sensational. I went to sleep with the thought of: this is a start of an outstanding teacher pupil learning relationship.

The first few weeks Mr.Michaels taught us about parts of speech. It wasn’t long before we had to write our first test .I’m not the kind of person that sits at home all day studying but for some reason I wanted to do well in his class. We wrote the test and the next  day we got them back. Before Mr.Michaels gave me back my test he said” Amanda… I am very proud of you. Well done.” H e smiled at me and gave someone else their test back. I sat there very quietly and just stared at my paper. I got an A and it was the first A I have ever gotten. A few months passed and I have never gotten such high marks in my life. Before I knew it the first term had passed and I got over 70% for English. WOW!

It’s now the second term and I was looking so forward to going back to school and only because of Mr.Michaels.. ” Welcome back guys. I hope you had a good, restful holiday because this term is all about hard work. Our lesson today consists of poetry, one of my favorite aspects in English.” sat there thinking is Mr.Michaels being serious, poetry is so boring. I obviously had a look on my face because Mr.M came up to me and said,” Amanda, poetry is one of the most amazing things ever. It allows you to say how you feel and express yourself in ways that you can’t imagine. Poetry is therapeutic and at the same time your english will improve.” ” Sir, no affiance  but I’m not the kind of person who expresses or tells people how I feel.” ” Amanda you have to let it out some how. Poetry allows you to get angry and you don’t hurt anyone. When you write your emotion go onto the page and sometimes stays there.” The lesson ended and I was speechless. You see a lot is going on in my life at the moment. A little six month old baby is sitting in hospital fighting for his life against cancer. When I think about it I get so angry. How can G-D do this to a child. All of a sudden Mr.Michaels lecture came into my head. I dug into my school bag, took out a pen and paper and started writing. I wrote about how he was going to win the battle and how angry I was. After I wrote I felt better and I started to understand what Mr.Michaels was saying. I felt something inside and I enjoyed it.

The next day before the lesson, I showed Mr.Michaels what I wrote. He took it, put it on his desk and started the lesson. I listened to every detail and even took notes. The bell went and Mr.Michaels asked me to stay behind.” Mr.Michaels…” ” Please call Mich Amanda.” ” Ok, Mich first I would just like ti say thank you. Thank you for opening up the doors of writing to me.” ” Amanda this poem is amazing. I felt how you feel now and because of that you are an awe-spiring writer. You show the readers how you feel.” with that said Mr.Michaels smiled at me and walked away.

Exams are soon and people are beginning to make stuff up about Mr.Michaels, ” He is so raciest, he never teachers us the same things as every one else and I just think he is awful” said Jenna as I walked pass her. I wanted to go up to her and slap her because what she was saying wasn’t true. Mr.Michaels came into the class singing as usual,” Good morning guys. Exams are next week and I have done all I could. I have helped you as much as possible. I have a trick for you, once your reading time starts, skim through the sections and start with the ones you know the best. Take into consideration time management and if you panic, take a drink of water and breath cause you can’t drink and hyperventilate at the same time. ” During the exams I sat in the very back. I often finished before the time limit and the

days when Mich was there,we spoke. We spoke about how our days have been and how my writing is going.

It’s near the end of the year exams and the rumors of Mr. Michaels are getting worse and worse. In assembly our principal announced that Michael Michaels was leaving us. I was shocked! He was the best teacher I have ever had and now he is leaving. Later on in the day we had a P.T thing and Mr. Michaels called me aside,” Amanda today in class, when I asked that question about music, I know you knew the answer so why didn’t you answer it?” “Sir Mich, I like to keep quiet. The truth is I don’t want people to make fun of me.” Mich paused. ” You are a very bright child and sometimes you need to say what you know is right. Put those ‘popular’ people in their place. I have a lot of confidence in you.” As normal he smiled and walked away.

The next day me and Mich sat down to speak. I started. ” Mich, never before have I ever had a love for English and because of you I have found that I enjoy writing and it is all because of you. You have been the most encouraging,understanding person, you have encouraged me to better my talents but most importantly Sir, you have taught me a life lesson. A lesson that everyone has a talent and every one has a purpose in life. You helped show me that I have a talent in writing and Sir I hope you know that your talent is not only your passion for the English Language but how you encourage people to pursue their dreams. I will always be grateful to you for helping me realize how amazing the English Language is. That first poetry lesson was the start of a new unknown passion for the command and enjoyment of the English Language. From now on, when I write , in the back of my head I will always think of who inspired me to pursue my gift of writing.” Mich was all teared up. “Amanda it has been an honor to teach you. You as well as your parents treated me like a professional in my field. I hope you will carry on writing. I am going home for awhile and I don’t know what is next on the a gender for me to do but you will be among one of the first people to find out. I welcomed you into  my world now it is up to you to journey even further into it.” And with that he got up, smiled and walked off.



  1. Would be Mich Said:

    I think you write beautifully but take note of how certain words are spelt

    • poetsandall Said:

      thank you so much. It means a lot to me to hear what you have to say about my writing

  2. proudme Said:

    I think you write beautifully, keep it up and always write from the heart.

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