A line which has an end

I wear glasses to cover my eyes

My eyes depict my fear

My tears portray a story

A story about a line that has come to an end.

Your and my line was meant

To last for ever

A line filled with goodness, smiles and laughter

But that is not the case.

Our line at the start

Was strong and smooth

Now it’s a rocky road

Which has reached its end?

You weren’t just a friend

You were my sister

A sister I got to choose

A sister that I have now lost.

We have gone through so much

You were the only one who knew everything

Without you my life’s incomplete

Like a puzzle which is missing one piece.

In my life you can never be replaced

However for you I beg to differ

I have already been replaced

I honestly wish you the very best.



  1. proudme Said:

    Wow, so sad and with such feeling.

  2. Jason Said:

    Hello, cool site but there are some problems with it, try going on to it without logining as the site, so go to poetsandall.wordpress.com without loggin in and u will see what I mean. Also do take not of one or two gramatical errors otherwise keep it up!

  3. Jason Said:

    Also very sad…

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