What is passion? The dictionary definition is a strong and barely controllable emotion.  Passion I feel is something that you as a human cannot decide whether you want it or not, it is uncontrollable however the spark lies within ones self. It all starts with an interest:

I have danced my whole life and I did it cause at the beginning it interested me, it fascinated me. I was only 2 when I started to dance. From there when I started to get older I started to feel something I wasn’t yet familiar with. When I danced I was only feeling one emotion and that was a love for dance. Now a love for something and passion for it are too completely different thing. For me at the time I loved doing modern and hip hop. It gave me time to myself and time to forget about everything else but it wasn’t passionate about it. I got bored with it and soon I began to hate it. That’s the difference between a love for something and a passion. One who has a love for something or someone enjoys what they are doing or who they with. But you subconsciously have a voice telling you something is wrong. When you talk about that love, people can hear you love it but not full heartedly. I thought I would never find passion because I mean dancing was the one thing I was good at and yet I dreaded the days I had to go. Don’t ever think that you can never find that one thing as well as that one person who is your passion. Your emotion you can’t control.

I stopped modern and hip hop and I thought that was it my life was over, what would I do without dance? Little did I know that my whole world was going to be completely re-altered.  Monday afternoon came and it was my first ballroom lesson. I have always watched movies and saw people doing a tango or a rumba and I found it very interesting. My teacher took hold and we slowly started to move. 1,2,3 1,2,3 and before I knew it we were doing a Waltz. I thought to myself ok this could be fun. The lesson ended and I couldn’t help but feel upset cause it was over. Soon enough I learned 10 dances in 4 months. I soon learned that I have a passion for Ballroom and Latin American and I knew it was a passion because when I dance I don’t just dance I have an unexplainable feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I dance it is as if the whole world just stops and it is just my partner and I who are moving. I forget about all the bad things and the good things and don’t think. I just move my feet and dance from my soul.  I go to sleep at night wishing that life was a dance. You see at a contest no-one collides with each other and it is the most beautiful thing to watch. Can you imagine a life where it was only smooth and every one knew that they could make a mistake but you carry on like you know exactly what you were doing. However when you do make a mistake you carry on and if you are enjoying what you are doing then there is no problem. My teacher today tells me that when I dance I don’t move my feet and body in a pattern, I dance from my soul and that shows when I dance.

Every person can find their passion, they can find their “soul dance”. You just have to look hard and when you have an interest in something, you must follow that feeling because you never know where that feeling will lead you to.


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  1. Would be Mich Said:


    Take care of the punctuation!!!

    A good read. I enjoyed the story.

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