The rose

The Rose 

The farmer planted a seed next to me today. I’m a young Tiger Rose. He watered us both and told us a story. A few weeks passed and my stem is getting longer and stronger. The wind came from the east and blew the sand away from where the seed was planted and I could see a little stem. It was smaller than a pea. A few more weeks pasted and i got my first bud, I feel so proud. The seed next to me came out of the ground. I was shocked this little seed now has a stem. It spoke to me for the first time. “Hi my name is Georgia and I’m new here.” I was shocked I didn’t know what to say. “Hi my name is Ashlee and I’m a tiger rose. I’m one of the oldest roses in this garden.” Me and Georgia soon became very good friends. I explained to her how she grew from a seed into a stem and soon she would  get a bud just like me and that bud will turn into a very beautiful flower. The farmer came around watered us and read us a story about a friendship and how two very best friends all of a sudden are not friends anymore. When the farmer left Georgia asked me how can two best friends just end it like that. “Well Georgia a friendship is like a tree. The bark is the base of the friendship like do you guys have trust in each other and can you rely on one another. The branches are the conversations you have. The good conversations, the personal ones, the intense ones and well the ones that you wish you never had. The leaves are the out comes of the conversations. If the leaf is green it was a good conversation and if the leaf is brown you guys have a bit of a problem.” ” Is our tree filled with green leaves?” I replied” of-course it is. You are my best friend and if I ever teach you anything I want you to remember the story of the tree”. The years flew by us and well now I’m an old rose-bush and I don’t have many flowers on me. Georgia looks gorgeous she has lots of pink beautiful roses. The farmer came around and planted a seed next to Georgia. I knew that my time was near the end.” Georgia, do you remember the story I told you about the tree and the friendship?” ” Yes I do why?” I took a breath and said” I want you to tell the seed next to you about it and I want you to know that our tree only has green leaves . Explain to her or him how he or she grew. Promise me” ” I promise you.” It was a long and cold winters night. I could hear Georgia shivering and whispering to the seed. ” I’m going to teach you every thing I know and everything that my best friend Ashlee taught me” When i heard that I knew my job was done. I turned around to Georgia and told her how much she means to me. Georgia woke up the next morning and i wasn’t there. She turned around to the seed next to her and saw a little stem and said ” Hi my name is Georgia, I’m going to be your best friend and I am going to tell you everything I know about life and about friendship. That is how the Tiger rose legacy was carried on.



  1. a rose’s perspective, how creative.

    love the whole idea.


  2. Morning Said:

    a legacy, fun and magical.

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