BY:Ashlee Zlotnick

When you smash a glass plate, it smashes into lots of pieces. If you collect all of the pieces, you can always put it together again. but the trick is you have to want to sit and build it like a puzzle before you can glue it together. It is a long, tiring and difficult thing to do but it is possible. Not every thing is possible but with certain things, if you put your ind to it, it can get fixed. Most things are possible if you put your mind to it. Sure the plate wont be as perfect as it was, there might be a chip or two that you couldn’t glue BUT it is useable.

Family is like the glass plate. The sand gets combined and is turned into glass. The glass is molded and shaped into a dish, cup or a mirror. The parents, just like the sand, gets combined by fate and they stay together by love(which is the glue). Children are born and they get molded into a big, small or average size family. Unfortunately the end result isn’t always to everyone liking but the fact is that glass object is one of a kind.

Every family has it’s ups and downs, their dislikes and sometimes religion gets in the ways of family. You just need to step back and remember your childhood, the times when you guys relied on each other, trusted each other and most important when you guys loved each other.

Family rivalry is absolute rubbish. It tears people apart. Not only does it hurt the parents but in the end it will hurt the children. I was the first-born. I was made such a fuss of for the first three years of my life. I went out to movies with my uncles( three of them) and even though I was small and probably couldn’t really understand what was going on, they were still there for me. i knew them and I could count on them.

Naturally they started dating and soon it was wedding time for my youngest uncle, Brett. He married an amazing woman, who to this day I will always consider my aunt. Not long after they got married they had a little boy. I was there for everything, the first time he crawled, the first time he walked. He was my little cousin and I loved him very much. Unfortunately my aunt and uncle Brett got divorced and it was very hard on my cousin. I remember one day I was at my Oumie’s house, he drew me a picture and it was all in black. Later that day I heard him crying in the bathroom, so I went in and held him till he stopped. That cousin is all grown up and I bearly know him. The other two uncles got married as well oh ya  the youngest uncle got remarried but that will come later. Eli, the second oldest, got married to  girl who from the beginning I didn’t like but I kept my feelings inside. Eli has two children and I  don’t know their names or the first thing about them. I had a car accident a while ago and every one came to see me but him . I thought it was my fault and ever since then I have always blamed myself because from that day on I never saw him. Sure I see him once a year if I’m lucky. Him and his wife split up for a while and I was sort of happy because I saw the old Eli, my uncle who was funny and who was mine.

The uncle who I am most upset about it Mark, the oldest brother. When ever we went in the car it was me in front, next to him, side by side. Then Mark started dating Cindy. Straight away I felt as if I was being replaced. She came with us on our special days and she sat in the front seat of the car. I remember one day Mark was bathing me and Cindy was there. I told her I didn’t like her and I  splashed water all over her. They soon got married and before I knew it they had three children. I saw one of them the other day, I said hello and he asked me who I was.

I’m not saying I’m upset they found wives who love them and make them happy. I’m saying I’m upset that they have forgotten about the bond that we had. The bond that I miss with all my heart. I want to get to know their kids but for some reason I can’t. I wish people would understand that they can’t ever replace the bond siblings have. Sure you and your spouse are close and that’s the way it should be but you can never have the same bond as siblings. You were not there when they had their first fall and their first breakup, their siblings were and because of that they will ALWAYS be connected.

Brett called us all to my Oumie’s house to meet his new girlfriend. She seemed such a sweet, down to earth person. She was honestly the only one of my uncles girlfriends I ever liked. They got married very quickly and they have two children of their own and Brett’s other son. Just like the other cousins I don’t know them either. I held the youngest one for the first time about ten months after he was born. I looked into his eyes and I had a frog in my throat because I couldn’t believe it took ten months before I could hold him. The only reason I held him was because one of my youngest cousins nearly dropped him!

I know every family have their fair share of problems but does that mean because of a few faribbles and misunderstandings that a family shouldn’t know each other? I’m not asking them to love each other and be best friends cause I know that is a lot to ask or but surely they can be civil. Surely they can get together more than once a year? A family that is not close kills the parents. Do you not think that the parents are hurting inside because their children, the people who grew up together and had each others backs don’t have the decency to come together when something terrible happens?It shouldn’t even come down to the fact that they only speak because something bad happens. Call each other to say hi or I saw Rocky Horror and thought of you.

People who live in the streets and have no money or food, they are happy cause they have their family to rely on. I’m just thankful for the first three years  of my life I got to spend it with my family, my WHOLE family.

I don’t blame people for what happened, I blamed their actions. Siblings should stick with each other cause you know what, they watched you grow up and they were there for the basic part of your life… your childhood. Shouldn’t that always bond you? I don’t hate anyone in my family but I hate what we have become! We are not a family, we are people with the same blood and history that is it, that part hurts the most.

A family can be fixed. Yes not all wounds will heal BUT if everyone tries and if everyone is willing to put the effort in then we can reunite just like the glass plate. a little time and effort can turn shattered glass into an object, into a family.

That’s just one side of my family, on the other side I only have one aunt and one uncle. They have four children. My dad and his brother aren’t like best friends but they get along. my aunt, Aunty, is one of the only, hold on the only aunt I feel like is my aunt. Once again I am the oldest  cousin on this side of the family as well. The only difference is I actually feel like I am the oldest, I feel important. When I was just born my uncle Marc put his watch on me and tried to teach me the time. mean while I was not even one yet.

This little doll-like thing was shown to me through a glass window. I was wearing my Bart Simpson t-shirt. I was so proud. Mendel was born. When I held him for the first time, he looked at me with these most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. After Mendel was born my brother Sam fell down an escalator. My parents dropped me off at my Aunty’s house. It was the first time I had been alone with my aunt, we spoke and I have never felt so connected with an aunt ever in my life. After Mendel was born three more came, Chani, Lakey and Eli. Ever since Mendel was born I have never missed a birthday party or any event that I am able to go to. I have watched my cousins grow up. I have watched Mendel grow up into an amazing sportsman. Chani, the second child, I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young dancer. Lakey, the third child, she has a bit of a problem, she throws small fits, I have watched her improve so much and I am very proud of her. Last but not least Eli, what can I say about him, he is the gangster. He is so naughty but he is so cute. The point is I have watched these four astonishing, clever, beautiful looking children grow up into more astonishing, even more smarter , gorgeous looking children and I am very proud to call them my cousins.

Here is a niece’s view of her family. A niece who is very hurt because one side of her family she doesn’t know. You can avoid this from happening to your family by stepping back and thinking what your actions are and how the outcome of  your actions affect the family.I know that no matter what I can always count on them. Isn’t that what family is about? I mean I know no family is perfect, friends come and go but family is for ever. I love every single person in my family, both sides, just I know these four children better than any of my other cousins.  As for Aunties and uncles, Marc and Aunty are the closest people to an aunt and uncle I have. Always remember blood is thicker than water.


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  1. Would be Mich Said:

    I enjoyed reading this post compared to the rose. the rose is not paragraphed and that makes speed reading difficult and it looks so big an unpenetrable. Try and use paragraphs and the readers will have an easier time reading. However, you can write without paragraphs if that style enhances the meaning of what you are writing. Salmon Rushdie uses it to signify confusion.

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