By Ashlee Zlotnick

I look at your smile

and see that twinkle

turned on by a dile.

Your desire for love

is much stronger than a dove.

Your passion for hate

is more than a disgrace.

But they only see one side

and that side is a total lie.

I have see the real you

and I enjoyed it too.

You have a certain magic

that you are too scared to reveal.

You only smile to

 hide your tears.

When are you going to allow

that little girl to come alive.

And let me wipe those tears dry.



  1. ashbucket Said:

    This is a very touching poem

  2. wordwand Said:

    a lovely poem.it’s very nice to love people and to be able to feel what they are feeling inside.well done

  3. Would be Mich Said:

    Good work there. I am starting to see signs of improved composition. Keep the hammer to the anvil. This is gonna work

  4. Mitchell Said:


  5. Short Poems Said:

    Lovely poem, very well 🙂

    Marinela x x

  6. Ji Said:


    two poetry awards for you,
    the most productive poet award,
    the most popular poet award,
    Happy Friday!

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