Children with Cancer

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

A horrifying killing machine.

One thing for sure, it’s terribly mean.

You would not believe what it can do.

So come along and I’ll show you.

First your child gets extremely ill.

This cannot be cured with just one pill.

You go to the doctor, what does he say?

You child has to come a very long way!

By no means will this journey be easy.

To be quite honest she will get very queasy.

Your child has something I call cancer.

I like to describe it as a dancer.

We have caught it in the early stage.

Like a dancer starting a new page.

The dancer has no idea what to do,

Just like the cancer, I assure you.

This can be treated, take a deep breath.

I know this dancer in great depth.

But there is a much better dancer, her name is Chemo.

She will unquestionably put on a great show!

All that’s left to do is fight.

You have to give it all your might.

I am so proud of all your children out there.

You all deserve a medal, it’s only fair.

So hold on to faith, don’t let go.

You will all out on an astonishing show!



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  1. the way you have described cancer as a metophorical dancer is very creative ash, especially through rhyme. brilliant poem.

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