Felling Like No-one understands us


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

We teenagers sit in our room all day

Feeling like no-one understands us

We are told we have mood swings

And make life even harder than it is.

But here is the truth of what our lives really in tale.

We have the stress of school life and social life.

We all want to fit into a crowd and not be a loner.

We come home and all we want is to feel loved and

Appreciated. But that is not always the case.

Some of us come home and get hit or scrempt at

For something we didn’t do or for how we say things.

Then we go out on the weekend with our boyfriends

And find out that he is cheating on us with a prettier girl.

Our friends listen to all the lies about you and you,

End up losing them and you start to feel anger.

You bring this anger home and once again

You get shouted at for being upset and angry.

Teenage life is not easy at all.

I mean we have so much on our plates

And we feel like no-one understands us.

But everyone has gone through it and survived

Teenage years.


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  1. would be Amanda Said:

    This poem is very interesting. However there is more to life than sitting in your room and cell phones. Nice work

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