By: Aslee Zlotnick


A common question asked by us,

is it love or is it lust?

Let’s start off with: is love real.

Or is it just a simple deal.

I truly believe in love with all my heart.

That person has thrown an everlasting dart.

It has hit you in your bull’s eye,

if that person would leave, you’d cry.

Lust isn’t an emotion but a physical force.

Which makes you often feel remorse?

Love is emotional, powerful and true.

I believe in love, do you?

To answer the question, it’s simple but true.

How you feel deep down, will answer it for you.

You have to think about your life without.

Is it true or are you in doubt?

Once you have your answers and you sure,

stick to it, as it will make you pure.

Lust comes around a lot and leaves.

Love is forever… eternity!


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