A Tribute to Ryan

My name is Ashlee and I would like to tell you about my very special friend Ryan Lang, whom I was privileged to know.

Ryan was born on the 24th of February 1992. He was a very cute blonde haired baby boy who was faced with many obstacles that he would need to overcome in his first few years of his life. Ryan was born with a heart defect and had to endure many heart surgeries. He faced these difficulties with courage. Owing to his illness he had to skip an entire year of schooling. Although that was no what he wanted it had a positive outcome in that it gave Ryan and I the opportunity to become very close friends.

It is difficult for me to describe Ryan because there are just too many amazing aspects of his personality and in a short speech I cannot do his justice however I will try.

Ryan was a kind, loving, gentle, courageous, and humane, one of the truest friends for which anyone could ask. He had a cheery disposition; his sense of humour was what often made a 4 hour first aid duty whiz by. Ryan had an uncanny ability to make people around him smile and laugh. He was always available to assist a friend with whatever they needed whether they were having a relationship issue or just needed some extra assistance with a Maths problem.

Although Ryan did not have an easy time with his health he was supported by his exceptionally close and loving family. Ryan and his sister Rachel were not only siblings but were best friends. His parents supported him unconditionally in whatever he chose to do even when they were concerned about his health.

I would like to share a conversation that Ryan and I shared on New Years Eve because I think it best describes his essence. Ryan explained that his New Year resolution was not to resent anyone nor hold grudges. Ryan understood that every single person, with whom he came into contact, whether good or bad, made an impact on his life, helping mould him into the person he had become. He made me promise that I too would not hate anyone or hold grudges. It was an amazing evening and one I will never forget.

Ryan impacted positively on everyone with whom he came into contact. His sunny disposition and positive attitude despite having faced so many difficulties was and still is an inspiration to us all.

Ryan will be missed and lovingly remembered by all his teachers and friends at this school.


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