by:Ashlee Zlotnick

I looked outside the window,

and saw a sky so blue.

It made me soon realise,

just how much I miss you.

Your eyes used to dance when you laughed.

your smile always filled with joy.

Your voice always had an essance of life.

All in all, you were a very special boy.

I’m scared I’m going to forget your voice.

or winderful advice you once gave me.

I’m worried that I’ll forget how you look.

I’m scared your memories are going to leave.

But then I come to realise.

This will never be.

You made too big of an impact,

on my life and me.

So when I need your help,

I am going to think of you.

I know I might not find an answer

but I know your memory will help me figure out what to do.


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