Being Me

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Flipping through a magazine.

I see faces which are frequently seen.

Some dream of having their lives.

Men dream of having them as wives.


I close the magazine and smile,

as I place the pages on the pile.

Then my mind begins to think:

I am not like those girls in pink.


I am emotional, caring and kind.

I always have others on my mind.

Being me is oh so fun.

I’m a positive light just like the sun.


I am who I am, and proud of it.

If I can’t be me, I’d rather rot in a pit.

For you see, I’m glad being me.

I hope the rest of you would agree.



  1. anummunaf Said:

    wow that even defines me 🙂

    • poetsandall Said:

      I am so ecstatic that you are able to relate to my poetry. 🙂

  2. lizardology Said:

    This poem is beautiful. The rhyming pattern really holds it together and creates something so relateably spooky, I feel that it is a reflection of my mind as well as yours.
    Keep it up 🙂

  3. Ina Said:

    Those magazine girls are photoshopped anyway! 🙂

    • poetsandall Said:

      That is very true and I am not afraid to show people the real me, I hope you are the same.

  4. powerful reflections.

  5. i am in love with your blog! you have a new fan, I am following! nice penning, poet! ♥


  6. Morning Said:

    smart expressions,

    Thanks for linking, dear.
    have fun today.

  7. Kay Salady Said:

    I’m glad you’re you too! 🙂

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