Message from Poet reguarding stress

Morning all you beautiful people, hope you are all well. A friend of mine asked me to talk about stress on my blog as she wants to hear how I deal with it and see how you guys deal with it so here we  go:

My life stresses aren’t about how am I going to pay the bills or am I doing the right thing at work. I stress about friendships, school, if my writing is ok and mostly at the moment my biggest stress is pulling off my dance event. I have to pull of an event in 4 months and choreograph the all the dances with the help of two other girls. This for me at the moment is a big stress as it is a reflection of what I am capable of in terms of my dance career. Now how do I cope with all of that as well as juggle all my other stresses, I have two ways and that is dance and music.

Firstly dance. It is a way that allows me to get out of my life and enter the life of dance. When I dance I only concentrate on my dancing and it is the best feeling ever. It is as if I step out of my life and leave my problems behind as I take hold of my partner, clear my head and begin to dance. My feet glide across the floor as my body moves to the beat of the music and my mind only thinks about how amazing the feeling of dance is. My body is in tune with my mind and it is just astonishing. This is one way I deal with stress and even though one of my stress’ are is my dance, I leave that bit alone and dance to my own beat, not the steps and order of the routines I am working on.

Next is music. There is a song for every emotion one feels and an artist that can fix a problem or make one realise a solution. The beat will relate to your body as the lyrics relate to your heart. You will never see me without a music device in my hand( my phone for example) or my iPod in my ears. When I am stressed I will listen to music that makes me happy and in a good mood. It brightens up my day. Music is an amazing thing as it allows you to relate to the artist as well as gives you something to talk about other than your stress itself.

Talking about your stress and trying to deal with it will help you a lot I believe but sometimes there is nothing a person can do for you so you have to turn to something “speaks to you” without you physically meeting it. Stress can ruin your life sometimes or make it more difficult than it should be which if why you need to find a way to get away from your life for just a few minutes so that you can figure out what to do next.


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