Measure Our Friendship

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


If I had to measure our friendship,

into the sea of riches I would dip.

I would have the heaviest coin on earth.

I would buy countries like South Africa and Perth.


I am describing to you how I feel.

So you understand our life long deal.

Without you in my life I would die.

And that my dearest friend is no lie.


Your good heart and warm smile,

keeps me happy for a long while.

One things for sure, I’ll never forget,

the night we both cried and never slept.


You my friend are fun and wild.

You always give your best, never mild.

All that’s left to say to you,

you mean the world to me my bru.


So the point is: you can’t measure what’s true.

The best thing in my life is me and you.

You more than just a coin or priceless car.

You are the brightest star in my sky by far.



  1. Vinay Said:

    A dedication to a friend, and the friend is the luckiest star in your sky, and you in that friend’s sky too, Ashlee! Very beautiful.

  2. anummunaf Said:

    may your friendship rise n shine 🙂

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