keep smiling


When life has you upset, down and confused. The one thing you want to do is break down and cry or scream in rage. But that is not going to get you anywhere except maybe a sore throat and burning eyes. I have another solution to this which will confuse life and brighten up your day.


They say that if you put a smile on your face while you upset inside, you will confuse the people who has upset you as they not sure why their plan to upset you did not work. This is a new thing that I have started to do: when life isn’t looking I laugh be-hind its back and put a smile on my face as it will creat confusion for that person and they stop trying to hurt you. This will then give you time to think of your next move and how to deal with the situation you are given.

You are never given things you cannot deal with. The reason why people quit and say that they can’t handle it is because they have not found the right solution yet. The key to this is to not give up until you have found a solution that suits you and not a solution that suits someone else. You must do what is best for you and what you feel comfortable with doing. Sure you sometimes the only thing you can do it quit, but as long as you know that is the only thing you can do and is the best thing to do, then by all means do it.  If you always look on the bright side of life, you will see how much you really have and that it is worth trying to find a solution.

Keep smiling even when life has you down



  1. Thanks for posting this good article!

  2. shamtest Said:

    I can’t seem to properly browse this site from my iphone!!

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