Message from the poet

Good evening all you wonderful viewers 🙂

I trust that all you mothers out there had an astonishing mothers day and you were smothered with love by your loved ones.

Today Jews all over the world were celebrating. It is Israel’s 63rd birthday 🙂 It took a lot for us to get here. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives in the battle for our independence and they got it. Their lives were not lost in vain. yesterday was Yom Hazikaron, they day in which we remember all the 22,867 soldiers who lost their lives defending the state of Israel and the 2,443 civilians who were murdered in terrorist attacks. It was a very sad day but then we come to today…

Today I was among my fellow peers and teachers. We were all dressed in blue and white( colours of the Israeli flag) and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I felt a deep sense of pride. We were all singing and dancing to our favourite Israeli music and enjoying the food from our home land such as Falafel. Even though we do not live in Israel and some of us have never been there, we are all proud to be Jewish and support Israel all the way. We are proud to call it our home town and we have all the soldiers to thank for that.


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