By:Ashlee Zlotnick

And smile on 3


We place a smile upon our face

and portray a happy persona.

We tilt our head’s and fix our hair

Cover up our imperfections

and gloss up our luscious lips.

On 3 we show a person everyone wants to be.

The flash goes off and that moment is saved.

This is a perfect picture because it was planned.


The best pictures are those that are sudden.

Your hair flying with the wind.

Your body relaxed yet you laughing.

AND 3!

Those are the moments to cherish.

The ones that you are not posing but,

you are your true self with your loved ones.

The imperfections show your stress

and your natural lips show your inner beauty.

The laughter tells a story of friends coming together in their time of need

and enjoying life.


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