Message From Poet: You can turn something Negative into a positive outcome

Good afternoon everyone ūüôā

I have not written a message for a while and I apologise for that. This message is all about turning something negative in your life into something positive. The best way to start doing this is to think of others that have it worse than you.

Lately I feel that I have not been in a very good space of mind. I have been going through exams, having problems with friends etc but then I remember something that my family when through awhile ago and my thinking begins to change. A few years back both my grandmothers got cancer at the same time. My whole world shattered in front of me and I was not sure how life would go on or if I could cope with seeing them both in pain all day everyday for a long time. That is when my life started to change and my views on life changed as well…

I soon learnt that positive thinking goes along way. The power of the mind is miraculous. If you makes the atmosphere around you positive, then you soon become positive and you begin to view life in a positive way. Life is not a walk in the park but you can make the grey and dust into something beautiful and great. The best way to do this is turn all your negativity into something positive. The best way to do this is by getting involved in a charity of you choice.

For me cancer is a big part of my life and when my grandparents got sick I turned that into something good. I started to work with children with cancer and ever since then, when ever I find myself in a negative light I simply remember those children and how they have taught me to stay positive no matter what.

So there we go. I took something that challenged my family in many different ways and made it into something positive. I now help children that have cancer and most of the time they come out on top.

Remember: in any negative situation you are faced with, you can always get something positive out of it and create a positive out come from a negative beginning.




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