A Ghost

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I stood before the stairs once again.

The same feeling over whelmed my body, the pain.

This time the people in the mourners room were family.

Abe you were like a grandfather to me.

The doors opened and out you came.

I feel like G-D’s playing an evil game.

My little cousin was torn up inside.

I’ll never forget you always had a presence of pride.

We started to walk towards your grave

and I knew I had to be brave.

They placed you inside a deep, dark hole.

My cousin snapped, it was like a little girl parting with her doll.

Tears started to fall from my eyes

as I realised you love never dies.

Marc took the shovel and placed it in the sand,

picked some up and my heart dropped as it hit the land.

The hollow sound it makes on the coffin

is something I think of often.

The reason why it hurts the most

is because that’s the final straw and you become a ghost.


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