Reaching your goal

Reaching your goal is one thing but achieving them and seeing them through is another. I for once know where I want to go in life and I have set myself goals that I know I am able to reach. I may be young and I may not have experienced life like most of you have but I have been able to reach a few goals of mine already and I am very proud and excited that I have done it so here are some pointers to help some of you out…

We all know that a lioness will sit day in and day out stalking her pray and when that moment comes, she pounces and her target goes down. She is privileged enough to have the feeling of satisfaction. She set a target for herself and waited patiently and then she got what she wanted. Nature is a magical thing because animal and human are alike in most aspects of life. this instance is no different. If we try and mimic what the lioness does, then we too will be able to reach our goals or targets. The key to the perfect catch for the lioness is FOCUS!! If she does not take her eyes off the target for one second, she will always be focused on it and constantly reminded why she is sitting in the tall grass waiting for her perfect catch when she could find something easier to catch and less effort but it will not be as satisfying at the end of the day.

Life for us is the same. Reaching our goals is the same. All we need to do is be focused on what we want and don’t let anything stop us from getting it or trying our hardest to get it. We must always be constantly reminded by our peers and ourselves why we are where we are. When you feel like giving up or throwing the towel in…DON’T because there is a reason why you set yourself that goal. Don’t ever lose hope when it seems like hope is not there because there is always hope, you just have to look a bit harder and when the time is right go out there and get your target because that is what you truly want and if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!!!


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