Burn The Floor Review

I was privileged enough to go see Burn the Floor and then I was given the opportunity to meet some of the cast members and ask them for advice. Let me start off by creating the atmosphere for you:

The music had a beat to it that made everyone move in their seat. The music travelled through your body. It started in your toes, went into your heart and came out your finger tips. It touched your soul and made you want to either get out of your seat and dance or sway to the rhythm. The people to thank for this are Joe Malone and Henry Soriano.

The lighting was impeccable. Not one spot light was out of place by a millimeter and the colour of the lighting complemented the costumes of the dancers. There was a disco ball on the roof od the stage and as the light hit the disco ball just right…it lit up the room and made one feel like one was back in the 1920’s watching a couple dance the night away.

The costumes were magnificent. They say that the simpler the better and this show just proves that. The men had black pants on 95% of the time and changed their tops and added a tail jacket when necessary or place a cape over their shoulders for the Paso Doble. When they were not in black pants they had jeans on which made it feel like more of a social vibe that made people realise that they could also do this dance form and do not have to be dressed so smartly to look great. The ladies looked drop dead gorgeous. Once again their outfits were simple yet elegant. Their ball gowns made your jaw drop and their sassy outfits shimmered in the spot light.

The singers Peter Saul and Jessica Lingotti made the show that more phenomenal. I feel that the live music once again made you feel like you were watching a couple dancing in a club, the streets or a get together whilst listening to voices that sound like sweet wine.

Last but not least, the stars of the show, the dancers.Robbie Kmetoni, Janette Manrara,Kally Yanne Brown, Damian Samuel, Ash Leigh Hunter, Kevin Clifton, Giselle Peacock, Santo Costa, Emma Slater, Jorja Freeman, Kieran Mcmahon, Sasha Farber, Stephen Vincent, Aljaz Skorjanec, Gary Wright, Karen Hauer, Jemma Armstrong, Dianne Buswell and Faye Huddleston.  I honestly have no idea where to begin. There was not one weak dancer, no-one looked like they were out of place, every movement was finished and their lines were perfect. Every single one of them are their own unique people and their uniqueness shone through in their dancing. The cast members are all champions of one contest or another and this aspect is what makes them such a strong group of dancers. One thing that flabbergasted me was the fact some of the dances was danced bare foot. This just shows their level they dance on. Without shoes they still glided along the floor and had the perfect raise and fall.

I noticed that the ladies would always dance on the ball of their feet. I believe that this is what made them look like they were gliding across the floor with ease. Every foot was placed perfectly, every move was completed and what I believe is most important, every dancer looked like they were having an absolute jol. Every second they were on stage they had a smile. In dances when they could not smile, you could see that they were enjoying what they were doing and this aspect is what has inspired me to become the best dancer I can be and no matter what, allow my audience to see how much fun I have when I am on the dance floor.

Every single dancer has inspired me and encouraged me to do the best I can do and I would like to thank them for that. They have made me fall even more in love with this dance form which I have been doing for 6 years and I will never give it up.

Santo Costa told me that, “You must never stop trying. Don’t give up, just try and try again.” Giselle Peacock told me that, “I have loads of advice for you. Always have fun, stay focused and practice, practice, practice.”

This was a once in a life time opportunity and I am so blessed that I was able to see this show. I encourage you all to see it as it is a truly inspirational, phenomenal, fantastic, astonishing show and I have only touched on how amazing it truly is.


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