Technical Coward

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

You hide behind technology

to show people how you feel.

Is this how you show people you?

Is a coward who you are for real?


I haven’t known you for very long

but the only way I know what’s on your mind

is via your statuses.

So when it comes to your feelings, I am blind.


You act like a brave girl in front of people

but you would rather confront over the phone.

The next day you will refuse to talk

about how over bbm all you did was moan.


I am tired of your cowardness.

Come and talk to me face to face

so we can finally get through this

and put a lid on this case.



  1. poetryroad Said:

    I like the honesty and passion in this beautifully written poem!

  2. Nice rhyming. I guess you straighten him/her out?

  3. Jingle Said:

    honest and lovely expression, true, well put.

    Happy Rally.

  4. deeju Said:

    Good expression brought out through words!

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