Does the amount of people at your party really matter?

There is nothing better than celebrating a victory, a
birthday or a personal achievement with a fantastic party. Sharing your joy
with friends and loved one…I could think of nothing better. I am the type of
person who loves to entertain people and having friends over for pizza and a
movie really makes my day. When it comes to celebrating, I can throw a great party
and those words come from my friends not me but does the amount of people
really matter? If you could have a party with 500 people or a party with 5
people, which one would you choose? I would go for the one with 5 and I will
explain why…


Firstly where is anyone going to find 500 people unless you
know everyone within your area and in your community. I feel that a huge party
is a lot of fun but it is not always personal and does not have the same feel
to it as a smaller one. When your party is too big, you as the host will not be
able to make everyone feel at home and you will not be able to enjoy yourself
as you will be running up and down greeting people the whole evening and not
everyone will be able to have a chat to you and a drink perhaps, where as a
smaller party you are able to party with everyone there and for me the people
that count the most will be the ones you invite. Life is not a popularity
contest and seeing how big a party you can throw is not going to make you a
better person. If you have a party with the ones you want to party with and
enjoy your celebration with will in fact be a better party for you as well as
your guests as you are surrounding yourself with people you enjoy being around.
A smaller party will allow people to mingle and get to know you and the others
there better as well.


If you want to be around a lot of people and party, then go
to a social or a club. I feel that’s the types of places where you surround
yourself with big crowds but when it comes to something personal, keep it small
and sweet and that in the end is going to mean more to you than a party where
you will not be able to party with everyone there.


All that matters is the fact that you and yourfriends have a great time and if you can achieve this, you will always have a
great party and people will want to come back every time. A fabulous party is
not measured in quantity but it is measured in quality! Never forget that!!!


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