You can change the world

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


One tree can complete a forest.

One plant can start a cure.

One rain drop can fill a glass

and one fish can make a meal.

One prayer can make someone better.

One miracle can cause someone to believe.

One man can create a minion

and one word can complete a holy book.

One look can spark a flame.

One touch can create a butterfly feeling.

One kiss can make someone love

and one ring can last for eternity.

One man or woman can run a country.

One initiative can help others in need.

One moral to this story

and the moral is: you can change the world!!!



  1. Mr.memo Said:

    woooow good writing, and nice words

  2. David King Said:

    Impressive. Liked the clear form and the clarity of thought.

  3. I like this. Very positive message. Well done!

    My offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  4. caridwen Said:

    Positive and optimistic. Thank you!

  5. true, well stated sentiments…

  6. true…

    love the uplifting spirits.


  7. love your message.


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