That’s What friends are for- Stevie Wonder

This week’s song Friday is one of my all-time favourite
songs. That’s what friends are for. There is nothing better than friends. They are your family that you have been able to choose. For you see, I love my friends with all my heart and all my soul and when I used to go to functions on a Saturday or Sunday evening, I could not wait until this song was played. I would huddle up with my friends, we would put our arms around each other, sway to the music and sing. That was the best moment of the whole evening. I got to stand around and say thank you for everything to my friends and I would say the same thing as they did and at the same time. So this week goes to all my
friends out there. I would just like to thank them all for being there for me no matter what and making my life amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you all
take the time in your day to tell your friends how much they mean to you and that you are going to cherish them forever

And I
Never thought I’d feel this way
And as far as I’m concerned I’m
glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe I love you

And if I
should ever go away
Well then close your eyes and try to feel the way we do today
And than if you can’t remember…..

Keep shinin’

Knowin’ you can always count on me
that’s what friends are for

In good times
And bad
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are

Verse 2
Well you came and open me
And now there’s so much more
I see
And so by the way I thank you….

Ohhh and then
For the
times when we’re apart
Well just close your eyes and know
These words are
comming from my heart
And then if you can’t

(Repeat chorus 3x)

Mmmhmm thats what friends are for mmmhmm yea


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