Being The Peace Maker

Good evening everyone 🙂

My whole life I have been the one to make the peace happen in relationships or at least I try to make it happen. When family members are fighting or friends are having a tiff, I am the one who would try and make everyone see the positive and try to get them to forget the negative. Obviously I know when it is not my place and that sometimes things ends because it is what is best for everyone however for th peace maker, it is not so easy to see things fail and end in disaster.

I for one am in a situation where I am trying to get two friends of mine to see each others side’s but it is not working as planned. I don’t understand how people can go from best friends one second and the next not talking or agnologing that the other one is there or even exists. Why is it that we can’t all just live in peace and not have this constent tension between people? I know that people were designed in different ways and not every0ne can get along but why can we not all just be civil to one enother? Sure people get hurt and I know what it feels like to have someone tear you to pieces and leave you hanging there and they just never look back. I know what it is like to have a huge fight with your best friend and neve talk to him/her ever again. I know how it feels to have a feeling of incompletness in your life. I know how it feels but I still want to be civil. I still want to greet them and make sure they are ok because no matter what, when I care for someone, I will always care for them. I guess that is what I get for being a peace maker.

How do you guys feel about thsis issue in our society? Would you like to talk to that person one last time and say I am sorry for what ever reason and end things on a good note? I know I do. Remember guys that we are not sure of what the future will bring so don’t live life with any regrets.

Have a great week and I hope that all my viewers in NYC are ok and are staying safe.




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