By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Having twins in your life can be hard.
Some people can’t tell them apart.
I have been blessed with a few in my life
and they are so dear to my heart.

They may look-alike
and act the same.
Their personalities are different
and I’m so glad they have came

into my life because
you see
2 is better than
1 or 3.

The twins in my life
are complicated but true.
I’ll love them forever.
If you met them, so would you.



  1. way to go,

    love them, the way they are.


  2. We have a set of twins in our life they are our nephew and wow it is hard what one does the other follows and seems one is always leading the other around. But they are great kids

    • poetsandall Said:

      They keep you on your feet I am surel Nothing better than twins to keep your mind working hey

  3. leah Said:

    Very cute, I bet we would too.

  4. apt and fun,

    well done entry.


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