A Connection

My message for this week is all about the different
connections people get in life. In my life, I have many different connections with a lot of different people and not one of them are the same.

Let’s start with family. I have a huge family but I don’t
have a connection with everyone in it. I have a very special connection with my mom. She is not only my mommy but she is also my best friend and mentor. She is the one person I always turn to for help and when I don’t want to talk to her I
will go to my daddy. He is the type of guy who you can talk to about guy problems and he is great with giving advice. My siblings are no different. When I need someone to listen to me, I turn to them. They are younger than me but they are there to talk to.

My friends. Yoh, this is a difficult one. I have friends in
my life who I don’t consider my friends. There are two very special girls in my life and they are not my friends, they are my older sisters. Even though they have not watched me grow up from the age of 0, they have been there for me ever since I have met them. They just get me in a way that no other human being has ever or will ever get me. My soul mate or my best friend in the whole world has been in my life since we were both 3. She knows what I am thinking before I think it and she knows me better than I know myself sometimes. I don’t know what I would do without these people in my life.

My Mupaloo’s a girl I dance with and is the person I turn to
for anything and everything. The one person who I cannot live without is my one guy friend. He is the person I turn to when I need to be cheered up or when something happens in my life, he is the first person I think of to tell. He is the first person I talk to in the morning and sometimes the last person I talk to before I turn in for bed.

You cannot put a time limit on something that is
mean to be. A connection that you have with someone is something that should be cherished. Sometimes that connection takes a while to develop and other times it happens a lot quicker than you are used to. That is ok, it is not something
to be afraid of or be scared of. If that connection was meant to happen it will and you can’t say how long it should take for it to be developed. Just give into it and let what is meant to be…BE. Don’t let your fear take over and prevent you from making that connection. A romantic, friendship, soul mate,
sibling, sisterhood or any other connection is a magical thing and should be embraced not shun upon.


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