Rosh Hashana

Good afternoon all you gorgeous people out there. I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday Afternoon 🙂

Lat night was the start of our Jewish new year. Rosh Hashana ia the time we as jews believe the world was created so a happy birthday to the world is in order. For the next two days, Jews all over the world will be davening (praying) in Shul( our synagogue) and going to friends and relatives for lunch and supper. This time of the year is very special and spiritual and it is 10 days before Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is our judgement day. We fast and pray to G-D to forgive us for all our sins we have done in the past year.

This is a time that brings people closer and gives people a new slate in life. You do not have to be Jewish in order to ask people to forgive you. I believe that you should not go to sleep at night angry with someone else as you are not sure what the next day may bring.

So go up to someone in your life and forgive them as you do not know what tomorrow may bring. Life is way to short to hold grudges.And that is my message for this week 🙂

Have a good one




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