Saying Sorry

Saying sorry is not something that is very easy to do. In fact it is the hardest thing to say to another person. Admitting you were wrong and owning up to that is not something everyone is able to do but once you do it, you can sleep better at night knowing that the other person knows how you feel about the situation and that you are brave enough to say you are sorry!

Saying sorry will not fix everything and when it does not, you have to learn to say goodbye and learn to move on. For me, saying sorry is the easy part, it is losing someone and having to move on that is the problem for me… There is nothing worse than being forced to move on when you are not sure about the wrong you have done to that person or people. Sometimes you lose people and you nor the other person is sure why. Sometimes saying goodbye is the only way.

My advice to everyone out there reading my blog: grow a pair of balls and say sorry or tell someone what they have done wrong because you do not like being on the other end of the stick so DO NOT put someone else there!!!

Sleep tight everyone, sweet dreams and think about what I just said. The night-time is the best place one can think and make decisions.




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