What motivates each and every one of you? What does motivation mean to you?

To be honest, I am asking myself these questions and I am finding it really hard to find a good, solid answer. Motivation is a sense of living I believe. It is an inner force that causes us to do things in life due to actions or words of someone else. That is what I believe motivation is. I have more than one motivation. You see I am very close to my family and friends but I am only motivated by a few of them. As a poet and a teenager trying to figure out what I am meant to do I life, I look up to people in my life. These people are my motivation and inspiration.

They inspire me to write and to be a better person. This then causes me to be motivated by them as I want to make them proud of what I know I am able to do. They say what I do makes them proud of me and because of that I am motivated to do my best in maintaining their pride in me.

Everything we do in life has some form of motivation behind it. If it didn’t, would we have taken that first step?

Just something to think about. So let me know what motivates you to be better




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