By:Ashlee Zlotnick

It’s not about judging a person by the way they look.
You have to sit and read their personal book.
There is no use at looking at the cover
because you will never know who was her lover.

There is no point at only seeing the bad
because my friends, then you will never be glad.
Life has its ups and downs
but it is not nice to only have frowns.

You will learn to love and then get hurt.
This life lesson will keep your heart more alert.
There is nothing better than to love one another
and that person could be your friend, sibling or mother.

You need to look after your surroundings for you see
we can make the planet cleaner for you and me.
We want generations after us to be proud
and admit whats we did was good out loud.

When life’s not looking, I like to laugh and make jokes.
My heart feels better because it sits and soaks
up all the laugher because it makes me feel better.
Like a wife receiving a romantic love letter.


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