Life as a Smurf

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Life as a Smurf would be great.
Everyone in the village would be your mate.
There would be no such thing as hate
and no-one would be cross if you a little bit late.

You would always have a grin.
Life would be a total win.
The bad would be kept to an absolute min.
People would also forgive your every sin.

People would know you for you
and congratulate you on whatever you do.
Your skin will be the only thing in life that is blue.
Families would be stuck like glue.

Life as a Smurf would be a jol.
No need to put up an emotional wall.
Life would be fun like a bouncy ball
and you would celebrate when your blue moon would fall.

Why wait for a blue moon
when you can create one…and soon?
Why wait when you can be an eccentric goon
and become a fun to be around loon?



  1. caterpillarpangs Said:

    So awesome! I seek to achieve this reality, as a quirky spunky individual- my boyfriends nickname for me is CocoSmurf 🙂 I love this poem

    • poetsandall Said:

      Sounds like you have a great boyfriend. Have a great day CocoSmurf and thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. Jason Said:

    Smurfs are evil

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