Old Friend

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I would call you up
and ask you to come chill with me.
We would laugh and have a drink or two.
Those days I miss a lot.

At school, we had a blast.
Every break almost we spent together.
We would sit under the tree and chat.
I haven’t sat under the tree once this year.

I miss your smile,
the way you would give me a fright every morning.
I miss your hug when I feel down.
I just miss you!!!

I can’t listen to Simple Plan anymore
or eat a Tempo because you not there to call it a tampon.
I can’t sit by our tree anymore because you memorial tree is there.
I can’t go a day without thinking about you.

But I am happy and well
and getting killed by school like you said I would.
My life is carrying on old friend…



  1. nice poem
    .they will never be forgotten
    and you wont to
    as special friend dont die
    they are always with you
    through thick and thin
    bye your side
    there memory will never die

    from kevin well done with the poem

  2. Like the sound of the waves, the birds when they chirp, the wind when it blows sounds of nature is music.

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