My scary story

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

My scary story is a girl’s worst nightmare.
Something that is very hard to bare.
It’s a situation you wouldn’t want to be in
because you know it’s not very often you win.

Once upon a time, you had a best friend
and in the end, the relationship you just couldn’t mend.
So you become best friends with someone new
and you and her are stuck like glue.

But guess what…your old friend is back again.
Bet you never thought you’d pass each other’s lane.
This time she is a friend stealing monster.
Like she’s released her inner black Swan dancer.

There is two things you can do:
Release your anger that sat and grew
or you can get up and fight.
She would not expect that and you’ll give her a fright.

Will you win or will you lose?
Will you have the friendship blues?
Your scary story will end the way you want it to
BUT don’t let that evil monster walk all over you.



  1. Poets Rally Said:

    haunting indeed, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post today thanks. I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Feel Free to Share this wonderful poem with everyone:

    – A River of Time –

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