The Burst

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

My inner volcano is about to burst
and honestly I don’t care what happens.
Truth is I have kept this in long enough
but the pressure has built up and I can’t contain it.

When I need you, you never there
but when you need me I jump.
My life at the moment os confusing and hard,
and when I need my best friend, you shut down.

It takes two to tango I always say
but right now I feel like I’m the only one who is Tangoing.
I try to talk to you about how I feel
and you say what I am saying is not true.

I feel like you drifting away from me
and I am not sure how to tie you down.
Soon I am going to let go of your hand
because I am tired of being the only one who is holding on.



  1. love it,

    it does take two to tango, smiles.


  2. Sajeevs blog Said:

    A sincere poem! May you have the strength to stay true to your inner voice:)

  3. Adura Ojo Said:

    Well said. I like the directness…reads like you’re talking and the lines still pack a punch for the reader to ponder over. Skilled, accessible. I like very much!

  4. wordcoaster Said:

    Picture is incredible–did you take it? Burst friendships are the worst 😦

    • poetsandall Said:

      No I did not take the picture. Ya they are the worst but they help you grow

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