Such Beauty

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Isn’t nature just mysterious?
To think that everything has a purpose.
Nothing was created to look good only
but also complete its job.

We as humans take things for granted.
We do not always see the beauty in flowers
and how many methods and processes it had to go through
to become that gorgeous flower you throw on your wedding day.

We get irritated with the noise of nature.
Getting woken up by birds singing
and the feares sounds of an African storm.
Without these things, life would be silent.

We take for granted our privileges.
The fact that we have an education and
a small thing like a roof over our heads.
Without this we would be homeless and uneducated.

The ability to see and hear
we feel we have the right to such powerful advantages.
some people have never had the ability to complain about such beauty
however, we are so lucky to be able to see and hear.

Don’t take life for granted
and don’t be so quick to complain.
Think about what it must be like
if one day these things were taken away…



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