Zoom out

Good evening everyone đŸ™‚

This week has not been a fun one I will tell you that much. Exams starting(YUK) my baby bird died last night (I’m very upset about that) a teacher at my school passed away this morning. Eventful week wouldn’t you say????

I always try my best to stay positive in life and find the good in all the bad. This is not always an easy thing to do and at the moment I am finding it very hard to positive and this scares me. I am the one person who everyone turns to, to try get a smile on their face or a little giggle which will make them feel better. Today I can’t be that person and I am sorry about that but in order for me to fix others, I need to fix myself. So here is my attempt to make me see the good and for others to see it at the same time. Going to kill 2 birds with one stone (OMG the tears are starting)

You cannot see the solution to your problem with tears and fear in your eyes. You need to push the bad aside and make room for the good to come. In order for the good to come, you need to focus on a solution to get it. How can you do that??? Sinple really. You need to almost cancel out your situation from your mind and look at it from the outside. Now I know it is easier said then down but the truth is, it is the only thing that helps me. You see, when you emotionally involved in a situation, you cannot see all the doors and windows to get out, to find a solution. When you take a step out, you can see the whole plan. In other words, zoom out. Take time out to zoom out. When you concentrate on the good and stay positive, you tend to zoom out and you see a solution. You get an idea on how to solve your problem. Now I realise this does not always work and sometimes in life you cannot solve it and mold it into something that you will like. The outcome is always unknown but at least you know you tried!

You cannot try if you not willing to pull yourself together and think. It is time for us all to zoom out and we will all find our solution or get comfort in knowing that we tried.

Have a great weekend




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