By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Studying is ‘stu’ with dying at the end.
It’s emotionally, physically and mentally draining.
It is a test to see how far your brain can bend.
Hopefully in the end you will receive your mark.

The whole year you don’t work.
The all of a sudden we hear the word exam and freeze.
Your inner angel makes you feel bad as it will lurk
and tell you, ‘you should have started a while ago and listened to me.’

So you sit down and pick up your pen,
open your book and begin to write.
You think about how you would rather watch 2 and a half men.
Only 5 minutes has past. Mental break down time!!!

Stress starts to take over.
You can’t breath, you need to chill.
Begin to pray and get a 4 leaf clover…
You start to feel like the  whole world is at a halt.

You need to relax and calm down just a tad.
You will reach your full potential in life.
I’m happy I wrote this, aren’t you glad?
Because now you know stress free is the way to go!



  1. manicddaily Said:

    Ha! Good luck! Maybe better listen to that lurking angel. Very cute.

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