My Solution

Hey guys. So recently I posted a question to you all asking you what I should do about my one problem I am having. I have figured out what it is I have to do about this whole situation. I really do hope that it will work as well as help me in the long run.

Truth is this chic has always been my best friend and even though in the past we have had our shit(and trust me we have had a lot) we always tend to find our way back to each other. I think I need to trust that ability we have always had to do the same for us now. Will it work…I have no idea but I am hoping it will.

I looked at baby pics of me the other day and pics of me growing up. It made me realise that no matter what, she is always there with me and is there when I have gone through mile stones. I will admit that sometimes I feel like she is not there for me and it hurts me like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes I juat feel like when I need her the most she will shut down and I come home crying because I don’t know how to fix it or I don’t know how to help her. When we are in the same situation, I will pull myself together so I can help her and forget about me. It is not a bad thing because I only feel better once I know she is ok. Truth is that is not something that is healthy for me and I know it but I am the type of person who worries about everyone else before I worry about me.

I am always the one to try to fix the problem and I am the one who will say hello or sorry first when it comes to certain situations because I like there to be peace. There is nothing worse than seeing your ex best friend every single day and not being able to say hello or tell them about your day therefore I tend to keep the peace and keep my mouth shut until I explode and end up saying how I feel and I never know how the other person will react. So there it is, that is who I am and how I tend to deal with it. I told her how I felt, I left it for a few days and now I have had enough of the silence between the two of us. So I am going to once again be the first one to say hello…


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