By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I wear a bracelet symbolising our friendship for eternity.
It was what we thought was meant to be
but now I am not sure what is right for me.
We were suppose to be like a flower and a bee.

Best friends forever is what you said.
You were meant to heal me like a strong med.
Now you like poison to me such as lead.
Is our friendship really dead?

Right now, I can’t say I am sad.
To be honest I am very mad.
Time away from you, sounds good, I’m glad.
Is what I am feeling bad?

Time for me to spend time alone.
I promise you, I won’t moan.
We are broken like a bone.
Listen to me now…you will NEVER find my clone



  1. Epic post, really adore jewellery 🙂

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