why do we always see the bad???

Us as humans tend to look at our lives, place it in our hands and put it through a sieve. We sit there and let the good go through the holes and leave the bad out. We try so hard to make sure it is perfect and that it is good enough to show the world. We don’t want lumps in our soufflé or bugs in our cakes so why do we want bad and imperfect aspects in our lives??? That is simple. We are HUMANS.  We were not born perfect so why do we try so hard to become perfect? True, sometimes you need to only show the good thus sifting out all the lumps but sometimes you need to show the lumps. Sometimes you just need to let go and know that it is ok to not be perfect…

Someone very dear to me told me that they love me because of who I am and that they thank G-D every day for me. That person knows my bad sides. I do not sift my life and only show that person fine and perfect life I have. My life is great but make no mistake, I have a few bugs and unwanted stuff left in my sieve. If it weren’t for that, my cake would taste the same as everyone else’s and it would have no uniqueness. A lump of flour in your cake gives you a memory to laugh about when you think about it. So does your not so perfect aspects of your life.

Don’t only see the bad because then you would never see the good. The bad is what makes you real and not a Barbie doll. Yes they are perfect but they not always fun… make your life fun. Spend less time sorting it out and sifting it and more time living it!


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