More details about, “Box of crayons”

Hey guys:)

So I have been asked to give more details about my one poem ” box of crayons” I wrote this poem when a dear friend of mine was going through a rough patch and the only thing I could do was try help her in a way that I know I am good at and that is poetry.

In life we tend to only see the grey and that is not good at all. In life when we are in a dark hole, all you see is black and that is not fun nor good for you. You need to see colour, that is why G-D gave us the ability to see it. Why would you want to take that ability and miracle away???

Sometimes in life we need a little help. It is as if we have been given a picture with no colour… SO WHAT? All you need to do is go back to your childhood, take out a box of crayons and colour it in. Life is not going to look all colour and marvelous without you trying to see the colour or fill it in. Life is not always going to be perfect just like when you in grade 1, you cannot always colour in the lines but that is ok. As long as there is still colour, life will be ok and you will soon see it is gorgeous out there. Colour makes our planet earth so unique and a place for every single human being to feel at home. None of us see the exact same shade of colour…None of us see the exact same positive aspects of life but they are there and we can all see them if we try to look at the colour and not the grey.

Have a great day and I hope that answered your question




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