Ryan Lang

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I walked into school as a matric.
That is something you never got to do.
I got the lecture that scared us all…
oh how I wish you could have too.

I sat at the table as people passed us.
They all got intimidated as they went by.
The bathroom where we hid has changed.
It feels like they took our history, I won’t lie.

The writing is painted over
and the bench was taken away.
It’s time for me to tell the truth
of course that’s if I may?

Today I was happy on the outside
but I was sad inside.
I got to do something my best friend couldn’t
because he tragically died.

I’ll do matric with you in mind
and sing the song you and I sang.
I’ll do this for both of us
oh how I miss you Ryan Lang.


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