My over due update

Good evening everyone:)

I am so sorry I have not updated you about my life in a long time. Matric is getting to me and there is so much work it is scary. I never thought I would get here but here I am and I am complaining. I should not be doing this! Truth is I am not upset I am here or scared. I am more sad that Ryan was unable to do what I am doing and here I am saying how hard it is when he never even got a chance to do it so I am going to stop now:P

I have been experiencing something interesting at school. You see I have come to learn something about myself that I was unaware of perviously… I have reached a point in my life where I have lost my respect for a person. This is something new to me as I have never lost respect in anyone before and you must know that if I have, it is something serious.

Quick lesson on me: I do not like it when someone lies to me or when someone lies about me to someone else. Right now that you know that, let me fill you in. Someone recently lied to my face and to others and made me look like the bad guy. To be honest, I was so cross that I was unable to speak. Can you imagine that,me a loss for words. Well believe it because it is true. Due to her lies and other incidences, I have lost my respect for that person; however I am willing to sort our problems out but I am not sure where our future is going.

At the moment our paths are split and it does not look like they will meet up but you never know. Having said that, I know that if she needs me I will be there for her. That is just who I am.

Moral of this post is: if you lying to someone, tell them before they find out from someone else because that will make things 10 times worse. Life is about finding out who you are… how can you do that through living a lie???

Just a thought I thought I would share with you

Love always




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