speech on Passion

Imagine you could stop time…make the whole world pause for just a moment so you could catch your breath. It is a dream most people believe will never come true. It is a fairy-tale for stressed people and people who want to escape life for a few minutes. It is almost a form of a super power. So is this real?


2 hours on a Monday, approximately 4 hours on a Sunday and a lot of messing around in between, I make this dream a reality. I stop the world. It feels as if I have pushed the pause button and the only people in the world who’s moving is: me and my dance partner. I have been a part of this magical world of Ballroom and Latin American for 5 years now and every time I dance, I get the same adrenalin rush.


I wear the same pair of shoes for over 11 dances and yet every dance, I bring out a different side of me. You are not able to hide behind a mask when you dance because the music and dance steps forces your inner soul out and it is as if a volcano erupts inside of you. You can’t control a volcano therefore when you dance, you can’t control your emotions. There is a dance for every emotion and a song to go with it. At the end of the day you will walk out of the studio feeling good and confident that you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you.


Once in a blue moon, you get to join the world of glitz and glam. Only at a certain level are you able to slip into the dress that you earned. You put your make-up on, your fake eyelashes and double check your lips are red enough. You walk onto the dance floor, feel the spot light on your face, take hold of your partner and then magic happens. You don’t move the atmosphere and indescribable feeling from within makes you glide on the dance floor. It is the most astonishing feeling ever. The dance ends, the audience will clap and you curtsy. It is time to go back to reality but just before you do, you take a deep breath in and realise what just happened. You showed your true colours to the world.


Last year I was given the opportunity to showcase my talents. As excited as I was, I could not help but feel sad. For you see, last year was the year that my dear friend Ryan Lang was meant to start to dance with me. He was meant to be my partner for this showcase and I was meant to share the spot light with him; however he was tragically killed at the beginning of last year… I got onto the dance floor with my partner and I shed a tear. I looked through the audience and saw my family, friends and 2 very special people in the audience. My tear ran down my face and a smile was painted on it instead. That night I danced for Ryan and I have never felt so alive on a dance floor. I dance for a purpose and that as well as the support I got from everyone is what kept me going that night.


Doris Levelle is a dance legend. She danced for fun and was soon discovered by Monsieur Pierre. His studio was the place to go to if you wanted to learn how to dance in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Doris soon became Pierre’s dance partner and they demonstrated as often as 3 nights a week in clubs all over London. After the war the studio moved to Soho. They used to keep the windows open to allow the streets of Soho to enjoy Cuban music. Their aim as a couple was to discover the love and passion for dance within people which runs through every authentic dancer.


Doris was in a huge car accident and broke several bones in her body. This did not stop her from dancing. After a very hard 2 years, she was dancing yet again. 1970’s Doris wrote the first book about Disco Dancing. This is my favourite quote of hers, It is not my intention to be dogmatic but rather to give instructions as guidance only, since this type of dancing is essentially a matter of individual taste and improvisation. The most successful performers of soul dancing as well as other forms of dancing are those who possess the great sense of rhythm.’


Doris Levelle is my inspiration. When I damaged my ankle so badly, I was told that I was not able to dance for a very long time… I persevered and after a long and painful process, I was dancing again. This is why I feel I have such a deep connection with her.


5 years ago, a door opened up for me into a world where age, gender, colour, religion or talent doesn’t matter. Passion and dedication is what drives me to be the best Ballroom and Latin American dancer I can be.



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