Happy Easter and Chag Sameach

Happy Easter weekend everyone:* I hope you are all having family time and time with friends and loved one. Easter is one of the best holidays I believe. It is so colourful and fun. I also have a Jewish holiday for the next week. It is Passover and it is also family time. It is a time where we pass down traditions and teach the young ones about how we were freed from slavery in Egypt.

We get to eat cardboard(Matzah) and you guys get easter eggs and marshmallows which we cannot eat so not fair on you guys for getting the good stuff. Our food tastes the same as the packaging. LOLZ. I am just joking. I like Matzah for some weird reason just don’t like it when I am forced to eat it. Aren’t we just weird creatures? When we are forced to do something or told to do it, we do not want to do it and when we do it, we do it with a negative attitude…However when we decide to do something, we do it with a smile on our face… Never satisfied are we???

Something to think about the next time we do something we like but do it with a frown because we forced to. It is going to be a lot easier for you if you do things with a smile. A smile goes a long way.

Have a great weekend everyone and be careful on the roads please. Party hard





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