Cannot go through life without these people

Good evening guys:)

They say you do not choose your family… Well I have chosen some of mine.

Let’s start with the lil sibling. My lil sis. Life without her would suck! She is my half a shekel. Her and I are connected in such a way I cannot explain. She knows what I am going to say before I say it. She makes me day better when I see her in the morning. It is hard to be sad or mad around her because she will just make you laugh and forget about the bad. I know when she needs me before she tells me, I know when something is wrong and she knows the same about me. She is the last person I speak to before I go to bed and I love her more and more every day!

My older twin sisters. I love then to the moon and back! Not talking to them for a day is horrible. I feel like something is missing. It is like my day is wrong when I don’t get a good morning message from them. They make me laugh and I know when I need someone to talk to, they will be there for me any time of day and they would come to me if I needed them. They were my rocks when life was hard and I would have never gotten through last year without them!

My new addition to my family is my other older sister. What can I say about her. She is crazy, fun, gorgeous, loveable and a great person to have in your life. She is there when I need her and she gives me great advice. I can turn to her for anything and everything. It is hard to tell you how amazing she is because no words can describe how much she means to me. All I can say is I am very blessed she is in my life and I thank G-D for her everyday.

In fact I thank G-D for all my adopted siblings everyday. Each and every one of my sisters are different and they bring out a side of me that I love. They are my inspiration to write, my determination to do what is right, my torch when I cannot see the light and my drive when I need to get up and fight. I love them all round and round the world and never stops and I hope that our relationship will grow stronger and stronger because it can only go up hill from here…

I hope everyone out there has sisters like me because I know without them I would not be where I am today.

Love you all




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