Childhood flower

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I am officially 18!!
Hope adult life won’t be mean.
I am excited to see what life throws at me.
Guess we going to have to wait and see.

Freedom here I come
or at least so says some.
Truth is I’m a bit scared.
Time for my feelings to be aired.

I don’t want to forget how to be a kid.
On my childhood pot, I don’t want a lid.
I will always need my mommy when I am sick.
In my personality box, childhood I would tick.

I will always be my parents little girl
and on my head, I will always have my baby curl.
I guess it is safe to say
my adulthood is under way.

But I will always keep my fun side
and my childness will never hide.
Just because I am old now and have more power
does not mean I won’t enjoy my childhood flower.


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