We need a little…

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

No-one ever enjoys the pain
but to get a gorgeous rainbow,
we need a little rain.

No-one ever enjoys being sad
but to see all the good,
we need a little bad.

No-one ever likes to fight
but to see who is true,
we need a little grey before the bright.

No-one ever likes a negative zing
but to get clear vocal cords,
we need a little scream before we can sing.

No-one ever likes to be wrong
but to see who is right,
we need a little reason to sing our song.

No-one ever enjoys a scare
but to enjoy the ride,
we need a little push on the coaster because we only stare.

No-one ever enjoys a scar
but they your war wounds guys,
we need a little cut to realise we a star.


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